Oklahoma State Republicans Move To Impeach Obama Because He Stood Up For Transgender Children

The Republicans are on the warpath, and, with less than eight months left in his term, are working to impeach President Obama. Why? Because the president stuck up for transgendered students, that’s why.

Loony Sooners

In what was a very predictable move, after losing the culture war fight against gay marriage, the religious right began looking for a new cultural punching bag. They found it in transgendered Americans, and in true “Small Government” fashion, decided the government needs to be bathroom arbiters.

Buck Angel Headshot

Republicans think this is a woman. Via Wikimedia Commons

Thus, we have situations like North Carolina, and the host of bills that have cropped up around the country restricting bathroom rights. It’s gotten to the point where the president himself has had to step in — and now, as a result, Oklahoma Republicans are motioning to have him impeached.

Because he dared to protect children. To make this even more unreal, these are state lawmakers, not federal ones.

State lawmakers actually can’t impeach the president. But they’re hoping that the nonbinding measure will pressure the congressional delegation from Oklahoma to start the impeachment process.

It also calls for the impeachment of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Education Secretary John King, Jr.

It’s enough to make you wonder just who the hell these Republicans think they are. Clearly they’ve solved enough significant problems with their home state that they can afford to waste time and state tax dollars on this measure that will never go anywhere.

Garbage like this is why I have zero faith in local and state leadership and think that local and state leaders have way too much power. I want to see a bigger federal government — someone has to do the job the of the states since they steadfastly refuse to do it and instead waste money with “moral” legislation.

Where moral, of course, means, “abusing the most minorities with a single law.”

This is the modern Republican Party, everyone. Of course, it’s not modern. There’s nothing modern about the lunatics running this policy trainwreck.

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