ND Newspaper Brilliantly Plastered Anti-LGBT Lawmakers’ Faces All Over The Front Page (IMAGE)

On Friday, a North Dakota newspaper brilliantly shamed every single lawmaker who voted against a bill that would outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation. The vote, a Thursday embarrassment to humanity, featured a Republican cast of characters once again rejecting for the third time in six years — legislation that would, in the eyes of the law, make the LGBT community just a little bit more human.

The Forum, based in Fargo, made sure everyone knew who voted against an expansion of human rights for the LGBT community by plastering their faces all over the front page.

via Talking Points Memo

via Talking Points Memo

Lawmakers are quickly learning that most of America will no longer tolerate discrimination — even if it is masked by a veil as thin as a page from the book of Leviticus.

In the state of Indiana, we learned just how dangerous “religious freedom” legislation can be — if done wrong. The owners of Memories Pizza, Indiana’s first openly anti-gay business, have profited almost one million dollars from their open expression of hatred.

However, if the cost of one more step toward equality is one family of bigots fleecing other bigots for hundreds of thousands of dollars, so be it.

No amount of money will be able to offset the fact that the pizzeria owners will never take a step anywhere without someone staring at them, judging them, HATING them. It’s a brave, new, lonely world for the O’Connors. Eventually, the money will dry up, and they will have nothing left but their hatred.

Residents of North Dakota should save this front page and take it with them when they head to the voting booth. It’s a handy list of who should not, under any circumstances, win re-election.

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