Mike Huckabee Shows Abject Fear Of LGBT Community In Latest Rant On Marriage Equality

Mike Huckabee went on yet another anti-LGBT rant today, alongside the Family Research Council. If this man seriously wants to have a shot at the presidency, he needs to stop it with the wild claims. According to Right Wing Watch, he believes that if the Supreme Court strikes down same-sex marriage bans across the country, it will immediately criminalize Christians, and Christianity.

Right Wing Watch reports that Huckabee cried about the “small minority pushing this agenda.” What planet is he on? It’s hardly a “small minority.” Then he said:

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If the courts rule that people have a civil right not only to be a homosexual but a civil right to have a homosexual marriage, then a homosexual couple coming to a pastor who believes in biblical marriage who says ‘I can’t perform that wedding’ will now be breaking the law. It’s not just saying, ‘I’m sorry you have a preference.’ No, you will be breaking the law subject to civil for sure and possible criminal penalties for violating the law…. If you do practice biblical convictions and you carry them out and you do what you’ve been led by the spirit of God to do, your behavior will be criminal.

There is an easy way to explain this, and that’s where the First Amendment actually does come into play on this issue. It’s called a religious exemption, and religious organizations, along with people whose occupations are religious in nature, are exempt from certain things that violate the tenets of their faith. That would include having to perform a same-sex marriage.

It’s interesting how he never seems to mention that this hasn’t happened in the states where marriage equality is a fact of life. Does he think all those states are somehow an exception? Or does he think this has to come down from the federal government before it criminalizes Christians?

Huckabee is really running scared with this, and he’s not heading down a path towards righteousness, and working to take us to the light that is his brand of Christianity, as he likely thinks. It’s just making him sound absolutely insane. Marriage equality is going to lead to the criminalization of Christianity how?

Huckabee, and those like him, also have yet to say anything about the religious groups that claim same-sex marriage bans violate their religious beliefs of equality. The United Church of Christ sued North Carolina last year on those grounds. Donald Clark, general counsel for the United Church of Christ, said, according to The New York Times:

We didn’t bring this lawsuit to make others conform to our beliefs, but to vindicate the right of all faiths to freely exercise their religious practices.

One has to wonder what Huckabee thinks of that, or if he even knows about it. He ought to know that religious freedom should include what Clark said above, if nothing else. However, he’s so utterly terrified of the LGBT community that it sounds like he’ll do anything, say anything, to stop it. He won’t get very far as a presidential candidate that way.

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