Michael Savage Blames LGBT Rights On Seat Belt Laws (AUDIO)

I don’t generally report on Michael Savage. He’s a “b” rate right-wing radio personality who almost makes Rush Limbaugh look sane. His show is barely this side of rational from über conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

On his show The Savage Nation, his cause du jour is the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner. Earlier in the week Savage said that in his day they would have called Jenner mentally ill and locked her up in a mental hospital.

In this demented, sick, Western world of ours, this is now considered a lifestyle choice.” He also called Jenner a symbol of “the death of America” and the nation’s unraveling.

“As Islam is rising, America is dying,” Savage continued. “As Christianity is being crushed around the world, what is rising, Islam? Why is it rising? It’s not because the people who are joining Islam necessarily want to cut other people’s heads off, it’s because they’re vomiting from the putrid garbage being spewed down their throats from the vermin of Hollywood.

Source: Right Wing Watch

On Thursday, he went even further, blaming seat belts (yes, seat belts) for the fact that LGBT people have gained rights over the last several years.

It wasn’t Savage’s theory originally, a caller had said that – see if you can follow this logic – seat belt laws and restrictions on smoking get us accustomed to less freedom, which allows for LGBT people to have more freedom. Savage agreed with that convoluted bit of thinking:

How did the gays and lesbians get us in such a lock-grip where we accept to whatever they do to us now as just another incremental destruction of our civilization? It started with the seat belt,” Savage said. “I grew up in a time where there were no seat belts, then there were seat belts but they were sort of optional because you had them around your lap and the cops couldn’t see if they were on you, then the government figured out a shoulder strap where the cops could see that they were on you. So everyone now automatically puts a seat belt on; automatically now everybody checks themselves no matter what the pervert says to them, no matter what the sick sisters in the colleges do to their children, they say, ‘I’m not going to say anything because I have to wear the seat belt around my mouth.’

Source: Right Wing Watch

Here’s the audio:

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