Mich. Bigot Refuses, Threatens LGBTQ Community At Unlicensed Business – Social Media Responds (SCREENSHOTS)

Another “religious freedom” crusader is making headlines, and for all the wrong reasons. Brian Klawiter, who runs the Dieseltec auto repair shop in Grandville, Mich., is standing firm in his bigotry, despite the inevitable national backlash. It all started when he posted to his business’s Facebook page that he would not hesitate to refuse service to LGBT customers. That’s not all he said, though. He said that if anyone disagreed with his views he would, quote, “put your vehicle together with all nuts and no bolts.”

Of course, this is a threat of bodily harm to customers who disagree with the man’s bigoted stance on LGBT people. He seems to have realized he went too far with that one, because the post was edited, but not before Facebook user and “If You Only News” writer John Prager took a screenshot of both the original and edited posts:

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dieseltec screenshot

So, threatening to do something that would have the potential to cause grievous bodily harm and even death to people one doesn’t like is what it means to be a Christian? Wow. Glad I left that religion a long time ago.

Mr. Klawiter even got the attention of a mayoral candidate from a nearby town by the name of Jordan Turner, who has written an official letter to the Michigan Department of Justice concerning the matter. Turner’s letter can be seen below:

jordan turner letter

Hopefully, the Michigan Department of Justice will do something about Mr. Klawiter, but even if they don’t, the City of Grandville will. You see, it turns out Klawiter would have done better to keep a low profile, seeing how his auto shop business is unlicensed. Klawiter claims that requiring a business license violates his 4th Amendment rights. He said to the Grand Rapids City Council on Jan. 26 of this year:

This is a blatant and intentioned violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. I dispute your lawful ability to do what you claim. I will not sign the application. I cannot and will not give up my civil rights, especially when requested by a government entity for which the Constitution was designed to limit the power of.

Of course, Klawiter, bless his bigoted little heart, is wrong here. The city has every right to require businesses to be licensed. City clerk Mary Meines said that last year, the city became aware that Dieseltec did not have the required business license, which only costs $100, and also requires the completion of forms with contact information and details about the premises on which the business is run. Klawiter could be fined $50 for non-compliance with this ordinance, though no move has been made to do so as of late. Grandville Mayor Steve Maas does not want to pursue it with Klawiter getting so much national attention at this time, especially over a measly $50.

Now, you’d think this is all we have on the good Mr. Klawiter, but no. It also turns out that Klawiter has a violent criminal record. Nothing petty here, either — we’re talking assault and battery. Wonder if someone with a history of criminal violence is allowed to own those guns Mr. Klawiter says he loves so much? We may look in to that one.

Also, to no one’s surprise, Klawiter wasted no time in setting up a GoFundMe account to solicit monetary support from his fellow bigots.

brian klawiter gofundme

I’m sure he, like so many before him in similar situations, will make a pretty penny off of it, too. Looks like he’ll need it, seeing how people who are disgusted by his open bigotry are letting his suppliers know just what kind of person and business they are associating with:

dieseltec supplier1

At least one supplier has openly said that they do not wish to affiliate themselves with the likes of Klawiter and his business, and are refusing to allow him to use their logo or sell their products:

cummins dieseltec

Well, even if the Michigan Department of Justice and the City of Grandville shy away from dealing with Klawiter at this time, the court of public opinion will do a mighty fine job, I am sure. This firestorm just started today, and if prior instances of this sort of thing are any indication, it is nowhere near being over. You stepped in it this time, Mr. Klawiter. Pop the popcorn, folks. Looks like there’s going to be plenty to watch.

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