Memories Pizza Reopens: Serving Up Slices Of Bigotry (IMAGES/VIDEO)

The now infamous Indiana law that allows businesses to openly and legally discriminate caused such an outrage and outpouring of support for the LGBT community that they don’t want to serve, that it temporarily shuttered a pizza parlor owned and run by openly bigoted “Christians.”

Amid the outrage, there was some fun to be had, and good to come, from the melee. There were reviews on Yelp and fun facebook pages.  One clever internet user bought up the domain name “” and that was… well… hilarious. Others set up donation and fundraising sites to benefit the LGBT community–who are perpetual victims of this hate and bigotry. A group of Wiccans exploited the new law to their advantage and some Indianan Republicans came out against the newly legalized discrimination. Yes, it was a circus.

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Young Turks Memories Pizza Coverage

You might be wondering what the fine folks at Memories Pizza have been up to.  Well, they are open again, and serving up hate and bigotry to a full house of haters and bigots.

After raising almost $850,000 from their bigoted fans of inequality, they are relieved to “get going again and try to get back to normal.”

Even though the blowback of his backward thinking caused ripples around the globe, owner of Memories Pizza, Kevin O’Connor defiantly says:

I’d do the same thing again. It’s my belief. It’s our belief. It’s what we grew up on. I’m just sorry it comes to this because neither one of us dislike any of those people. I don’t hold any grudges.

Hear that? He would do it all over again, just like Dick Cheney. Plus openly being a bigot earned him almost $850,000. He says that he has not received the money yet but he plans to use the money to make improvements to the restaurant that he has owned for nine years and maybe give some to charity.

OConnor says that he has no plans to leave and that he enjoys running his restaurant, being in Indiana wants the family business to “be something my daughter can enjoy.”


Memories Pizza Owners Kevin and Crystal OConnor

Memories Pizza reopened yesterday, April 9, at 4pm. O’Connor claims that all eight tables in the restaurant were filled within the first hour with another half dozen waiting for carry out orders.  People came from all over Indiana in support claiming that “this whole thing isn’t about gay marriage. It’s mostly about freedom of religion.” Mostly.

In a way, they are doing people a favor by letting them know that they can take their LGBT-loving money where it will be welcomed with open arms. Memories Pizza certainly doesn’t deserve their business.

As Billionaire Nick Hanauer put it:

LGBT people are different. They are uncommonly creative, and innovative. And lead in so many creative endeavors.  That is why LGBT folks are packed into the most innovative and successful companies. And why states like Indiana are increasingly becoming economic backwaters. Sad, forgotten places that smart people flee from.

Obviously, people who are different flee, but also, all of the smart people who know that differences are key, flee as well. Leaving behind a homogenized, narrow, and increasingly prejudiced population, who elect the same kind of leaders. Who enact laws that chase more smart diverse people away, that creates a brain drain death spiral. That in turn consigns the economy to a backwater, or at a minimum, a low wage competitor to Bangladesh.

So, to all of you creative, innovative, different people in Indiana: The world faces tremendous challenges.
They will only be solved by people like you. Come to places like Seattle that will embrace you, and leverage your talents.

We need you. The world needs you. Indiana apparently, does not.


If you haven’t seen The Young Turks coverage of this fiasco, it’s worth a watch:


Featured Image: Screenshot from Young Turks video above.

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