‘Love Is Love!’: Total Strangers Defend Gay Couple In This Brilliant Social Experiment (VIDEO)

In his latest social experiment, internet prankster Julius Dein played the part of a homophobic bigot berating a gay couple (two of his friends) for holding hands in public. The “Homophobia social experiment,” posted this past Sunday has the following description:

What would you do if you saw homophobiac [sic] bullying happen in public? Would you react or get involved? In this social experiment, Julius Dein goes out on the streets of London to test people’s reactions to homophobia.

If this had been done in America, it might not have gone well. But Dein is British and London is far too tolerant to put up with this kind of nonsense. In different locations, Dein starts to insult the gay couple about how disgusting they are and take pictures of them on his cell phone. The reactions are simply amazing. :

  • One guy almost gets physical with Dein, telling him to get off the train and that “people like you make this country look shit.”
  • One woman actually gets up from her seat on the train, saying to the “bigot,” “I’m feeling uncomfortable by sitting next to you.” Then she shoves her phone in his face, taking pictures “cause you’re a homophobic fuck!”
  • One man in the park, who came across as fairly nerdy got fed up and said, “I’m not going to lay my hands on you but you need to get the fuck off.”
  • Another woman thumped her fist on her armrest, insisting “If these two two decide to start banging in front of me, that’s their business. That’s their business. It has nothing to do with you or me. How dare you!” (I can only assume that “banging” means something different in London or perhaps she was just really riled up and that wasn’t quite the point she was trying to make.)

There is, of course, that one guy that agrees with the pretend bigot, claiming that “they got more rights than we have nowadays” thus proving that the overdeveloped persecution complex of right wingers is not just an American phenomena.

Still, the majority of the responses were wonderfully positive and shows that love is love is love.

Here’s the amazing video.

Featured image via video screen capture

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