Liberals Answer ‘Memories Pizza’ Donation Scam With A Fundraiser For Charity, Not Hate

When “Memories Pizza” of Walkerton, Indiana decided to go public with their bigotry towards same-sex marriage, they were quickly forced to shut down by people, some using tactics we might not agree with, and an immense internet campaign against hate.

Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” then started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for these ignorant asshats, and in just 2 days it became the 2nd most successful campaign ever for the site.  With hate as a motivator in a crowdfunding campaign that will only benefit greed, more than $842,000 was raised.

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The owners of the restaurant haven’t disclosed their plans for the money, but as of yet nothing even remotely resembling a charitable donation has surfaced.   There is the possibility that they’ll decide to donate something to charity because if they don’t they will be stomping all over the Christian “values” they say they hold so dear.

The fact remains that more than 20,000 people donated to these bigots to “help” them in their time of need.  These don’t seem like the neediest of people, and certainly the media storm will have them raking in some cash, because even bad publicity is still publicity.

The liberal answer to this travesty is a new GoFundMe, yet to get off the ground, called “We Choose Charity, Not Pizza.”  The originator of the campaign said:

As liberals we have the unique opportunity to show the righties how to raise money for an actual cause, not just for hate.  Same-sex couples will be the ambassadors of any funds raised, and will decide what charities are most deserving of the money raised to support them.

Funds will be sent to charities directly.

A Facebook Page has been set up for same-sex couples to announce their wedding plans and ask for funds to be sent to their favorite charity in their name on behalf of decent people everywhere.

We need to show these bigots that there’s no shortage of decent people, and that hate and ignorance can’t win.

Support same-sex couples and their favorite charities with a donation HERE.

Intro Image: GoFundMe

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