‘Let The Little Homo Sue’: City Commissioner’s Vile Rant Over Gay Student At ‘Christian’ School (IMAGES/VIDEO)

This week, we have been bringing you the story of Lance Sanderson, the gay student at Christian Brothers High School in Tennessee, who was first denied the opportunity to bring another boy to the school’s homecoming dance, and was then suspended for speaking out about the obvious discrimination to the press. Well, there is an even uglier chapter unfolding in this saga of anti-gay hate, and it involves the city’s commissioner, Clark Plunk.

It seems that Plunk saw fit to take his hatred of LGBT people to social media in the wake of this case. His rant began:

This is not about a homo and his rights, it’s about a school that is loved by thousands.

He goes on to say:

I would say let the little homo sue all he wants!!!!! The alumni of CBHS will meet him dollar for dollar and lawyer for lawyer. This is a threat to our values, our Christian values.

I hate the term gay. It makes them sound like they are happy and ‘gay.’ And, they want to call people that criticize them homophobes to make them sound mean. As a whole, gays are mean, cruel spiteful people with an axe to grind.

Here are screen captures of the remarks, courtesy of Memphis Flyer:


cp anti gay 1

This hateful rhetoric should mean that this man is forced to resign immediately. It has absolutely no place on the social media account of an elected official. The Tennessee Equality Project issued a strongly worded statement regarding Plunk’s hateful rants:

Elected officials are meant to serve all their constituents. These kind of disparaging remarks are improper for an office-holder, especially for an official totally removed from the reach of this controversy.

They are right.  Commissioner Plunk cannot fairly serve all of his constituents, and therefore he is unfit for his position. His remarks incite hate, and show that he has a clear bias against a segment of the population of his city. Therefore, he should be forced out of office.

As for Lance Sanderson, he did not go to the homecoming dance, which was held last Saturday. However, as per usual in such cases, he showed a whole lot more class than this hateful commissioner. He posted this in response to the bigoted rants:

Stay strong, Lance, and know that you’re the victim in all of this. However, your grace and bravery will help everyone work toward a better, more tolerant tomorrow.

Watch a news report on this continuing story, below, courtesy of local station WREG:

Featured image via video screen capture from WREG

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