‘Let It Go’ Is An Anthem Of Satanic Rebellion According To Right-Wing Religious Nutter (AUDIO)

Last week there was a summit thrown by Geoff Botkin and his regressive, right-wing pals. The Freedom 2015 National Religious Liberties Conference was attended by three GOP presidential candidates: Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal. Turns out that freedom is relativistic among this crowd. They really get their panties in a wad over fictional characters, too.

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One of the fictional characters that got them all hot and bothered was Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen.” Specifically, her song “Let It Go,” which has become a bit of an anthem for people who are coming out. This song about freedom and being yourself is, according to Botkin, “Satan’s rebellion anthem.”

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The song is to blame for children being tempted like Eve was. Its “spirit of licentiousness” is a sign that people don’t want to follow the Bible. This makes God pissy and He will “chasten” America if we keep it up, darn it! (You kids turn that noise down!) This beautiful song makes God very cross with us, so much so that we land on His enemies list if we listen to it. You know what that means… no cookies and milk at bedtime.

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We’ve heard guys like this spout crap like this a lot recently. It seems that ever since marriage equality became law, these asshats have railed and screeched and moaned about pretty much anything they see as “un-Biblical.” The problem is, they cherry pick the Bible for scripture that supports their bigotry and hate. Just as zealots have through the ages, they use the Bible to attack the people and things they fear. They fear anyone not like themselves. This is why they go after us so vehemently.

A Disney character singing a song about her freedom is not “rejecting God’s law” or tempting anyone. She is a fictional character singing a song about herself. That others have identified with her song is wonderful. But that was not the intent. While fearful people like Geoff Botkin see their demons in any and everything, well-adjusted people see an animated film and hear a lovely and powerful song.

Here is some audio of the presentation via Right Wing Watch:

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