Kim Davis Claims She Has God’s Authority: STILL Won’t Issue Marriage Licenses (VIDEO)

Kim Davis, ultra-bigot and completely disgusting human being, STILL will not issue marriage licenses today after being denied protection under “religious freedom” by the Supreme Court of the United States yesterday.

Davis now is officially facing contempt of court charges for ignoring a district court order to do her job. She claims God gave her the authority to accept a taxpayer paycheck and not do work.

There was a heated and televised series of confrontations, culminating in a very strong same-sex couple arguing face to face with her in her office. She tried to tell them to leave, and threats were made to call the police. Yes, call the police because you think God told you not to do your job. Good call. Kim was asked how many times she had been married, but she refused to answer. Hint: multiple times. I think we can all see why they keep ending in divorce for her.

Featured image via Twitter screen capture

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