Is The Mormon Church Changing? They Just Donated To LGBT Group

Just a week after marriage became available to all consenting adults in the U.S., thanks to the Supreme Court, we learn that The Church of Latter Day Saints, the religion that is often credited with preventing the passage of marriage rights in California in 2008, might be turning around.

For the first time, the church that brags of congregants such as Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck, is donating to the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City. The Pride Center is a non-profit that assists the young and the homeless in the LGBT community. The center thinks the donation of $2,500 marks a change in the church:

We know that this contribution marks a significant moment in the LDS/LGBTQ relationship.

Perhaps this donation has a larger meaning but just two months ago, the church formally opposed same-sex marriage.

The center applied for the grant several months ago, so it was not out of the blue, nonetheless, they are thrilled:

The Utah Pride Center is grateful for the church’s help in our efforts to provide food for those in our community who are in need,” said the center’s board president, Kent Frogley, in a statement. “We are grateful for their generosity and the emerging relationship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We know that this contribution marks a significant moment in the LDS/LGBTQ relationship.

Source: Fox13

In January, they tried to form a truce, of sorts, with the LGBT community by saying that they would back gay rights as long as religious rights were part of the package. In other words, they still wanted to be able to discriminate if they felt like it.

Even today, a website put out by the church vows love and respect for people who have same-sex attraction, as long as those people don’t act on their attractions. LGBT people can remain in the church and they won’t even be encouraged to marry an opposite-sex partner, but if they choose someone of the same-sex to love or just to have sex with, they will be excommunicated.

All of which makes me suspicious of the donation to the Pride Center. Perhaps their intentions are genuine or perhaps they are to find young people at their most vulnerable and teach them to not act gay in their church.

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