Homophobic Alabama Chief Justice Defies Federal Court Order, Bans Same-Sex Marriages Anyway (VIDEO)

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore just issued a six-page order, which can be found HERE, barring the State from issuing same-sex marriages Monday morning. This was a last-minute maneuvering on his part that is sure to cause some confusion when court offices open up after having the weekend off.

Several weeks ago, Federal judge Ginny Granade issued an order requiring Alabama probate judges to begin the historic issuing of licenses in the state set for Monday, February 9th, that has since caught national attention.

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One gay couple, Tori Sisson and her fiance, Shante Wolfe, are even camping out near the courthouse in anticipation for the event.

It’s really disheartening that he’s taking so much energy (to do this), when no one fought this hard to keep him from getting married.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise, since over the last several weeks Chief Justice Moore has been very outspoken on his stance for how he doesn’t think a federal court has jurisdiction over the State’s Supreme Court, until, at least, the United States Supreme Court rules on the matter — which it hasn’t.

Pic via Slate

Pic via Slate

Moore, for his part, is willing to ride this out all the way until the bloody end, and is bent on not letting Alabama become the 37th state to recognize homosexuals’ right to marry one another.

This is not the first time Moore has been in disagreement with a federal court. In 2003, he was removed during his first-term as the State’s Chief Justice when he ignored a federal order to remove a ten commandments statue outside on the High Court’s lawn. He was re-elected in 2012, and is now serving again in the same capacity.

Moore, in his letter, threatened the state’s probate judges by saying:

If any judge fails to follow the Constitution and statutes of Alabama, including a statute saying that the state shall not recognize as valid any common law marriage of parties of the same sex, they could be subject to sanctions from Alabama Governor Bentley.

Chief Justice Moore has mentioned on numerous occasions, too many to count, that the constitution is the real supreme law of the land, and no federal court is going to be able to override that, or “tell him what to do.”

For someone that seems to hold this document in such high regard, he doesn’t seem to grasp the importance of due process and equal protection under the 14th amendment. But, then again, being an elected judge of the people of Alabama or not, his Bible and his God simply wont allow him to.

Listen to Chief Justice Roy Moore talk about God and how it shapes his views, in the below video:

H/T: Dennis Marks | Featured Image: You Tube Screen Capture

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