Hero’s Heart-Wrenching Tale Of Escaping Pulse Massacre To Save Another Man’s Life (TWEETS)

Today, in the black moments following a massacre that claimed fifty lives plus the gunman’s and sent 57 to the Hospital, a hero tells a heartbreakingly brave tale with an equally important plea for information.

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Joshua McGill was there, and instead of leaving a man whom he found bleeding in the street, he used his own shirt and bravely got the victim to the police. Covered in the blood of the other man, McGill was only able to get the victim’s first name: Rodney. Now, like many first responding civilian heroes McGill is stuck in the rescuers black hole — waiting and wondering if he will ever know the end fate of the rescue.


Many victims, friends, and family are frantically looking for their loved ones, and the overwhelmed hospitals will only release information to relatives — as is usually the case — but this is leaving so many hurt souls in limbo. This senseless act of violence is being called Terrorism. No matter what, this is first a tragedy and second appears to be an insane and targeted act against LGBT people during Pride — a hate crime, a terrorist act, and a massacre.

It goes without saying that our thoughts are with “Rodney” and every single one of the victims, but we often forget those that are white knuckling their phones and searching social media for their loved ones, family, and yes, even those good Samaritans that stopped running to try to save a life.

There is already Facebook pages being set up for people to post questions and get information, but this is the official source:

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