Here’s What A Group Of Conservatives Would Do If Their Own Children Were Transgender (SCREENSHOTS)

Since North Carolina decided to take an issue about nothing and turn it into a national crisis, transgender people have seen more exposure than ever before. People are starting to realize that transgender people aren’t typically fat dudes in beards singing Diana Ross in their 77 Satellite waiting for some unwitting young girl to enter a public restroom. Transgender people are just…people. Still, that doesn’t stop the right from taking the issue to biblical levels, creating an entire culture of sin and debauchery that doesn’t exist in the name of public safety.

On social media, the issue prompted memes and off-color posts from that guy you knew for a year in middle school that you’re not really sure your friends with. The questions have been posed, and the answers, just like everything else in Facebook life, have to fall straight down party lines. One conservative group was hit with a question that was originally posted to A Mom’s Life Uncut:


For me and many like me, the answer was instantaneous and simple. I’d ask if there’s anything he wanted to talk about and move on with my day. My children won’t be bound by walls and societal standards, especially knowing the world they have to prepare for. Though I’m not a huge fan of the ear holes.

For the commenters on the original post, it was pretty much the same: That’s your child; you love him until he asks you to call him her and then you love her. And yes, it really is that simple. When the post was shared to the public Facebook group The Anti-Hillary Campaign, where 14,000 conservatives converge to be stupid and everyone can watch. The results were quite a bit…different. Let’s just go with the first 40 or so, then tally the score:

wwyd2 wwyd3 wwyd4 wwyd5 wwyd6 wwyd7 wwyd8

Well that’s a whole lot of stupid right there. The final count is:

  • 6 shows of support no matter what, including one from personal experience
  • 1 show of support with lots of drinking
  • 3 comments that seemed neutral or too idiotic to categorize
  • 6 memes shared by a guy named Armando
  • 17 negative reactions up to and including kicking him out of the house
  • 4 nutjobs with crazy diatribes warranting their own mention
  • 1 “Kill Him”

The last comment is perhaps the most frightening. Dominic Delia wrote, “My son would never come home like that. I raised him to be a man and proud of his heritage and country, not a faggot who hates who he is and America along with himself.” That’s fairly extreme. That’s the kind of thing that you hear about on the news when that exact thing happens and ultra-bigot Dad executes his own kid before turning the gun on himself.

Seeing the difference between the shallow, selfish mind of the conservative up close tends to lend perspective to how something as stupid as what stall people pee in created such nationwide chaos. Take real life, add stupidity — voila! National issue. The reason is because of these people right here in this article. Their fear is real; their ignorance strong. As long as they continue having children to indoctrinate the conservatives will survive.

All images are screen captures of public posts in the Facebook group The Anti Hillary Campaign

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