Hate Group One Million Moms Not Absurd Enough For You? Meet One Million Dads

Hating “teh gays?” Feeling left out because you have a penis? Well now there’s a group for you.

It seems the conservative bigots best known for boycotting the sexuality terrorists over at JC Penney after the former department store giant unleashed weapon of queer destruction, Ellen DeGeneres, onto the general daytime population, have now spread their hetero embrace to hateful men who wish to hate on “teh gays,” as well.

One Million Moms director Monica Cole recently announced in an email statement the formation of One Million Dads. Like its predecessor and counterpart, One Million Dads is intended to be a division of the American Family Association, created “with Christian men in mind.”

No doubt many of those “million dads” will be tapping their toes in the public restrooms to that old tune, eh?

Details for membership in this illustrious group are currently hard to come by, but so far the organization is being pushed as a group “for all men, not just fathers.” So long as you’re not gay, of course. Apparently, you can be part of One Million Dads even if you’re not a dad, but not if you’re a dad who’s into dads.

Cole wrote in her email statement:

The hope is to provide resources for the men of God.

Gay men of God are on their own, though. They can stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine, as far as Cole is concerned. She hopes the website “will encourage, motivate, and teach so men will have the leadership skills needed to discipline their family, church, and country.” She added:

Despite the name, anyone can join.

Sure, just leave the rainbow suspenders at home and they’ll let you right in. Then these real men – men’s men – can begin their heavy “disciplining” of home, church, and country. Uncle Sam’s been a naughty boy and needs a good spanking. And don’t even get these daddies going on the Catholic church.

After successive failures, One Million Moms has gained one major victory – namely, the number of ignorant, Bible-humping followers it’s gained through its absurd campaigns against anything from Nabisco’s Honey Maid graham crackers to the Disney Channel.

You know, serious issues affecting the safety of us all. There are gay and transgender people enjoying graham crackers and “Mickey Mouse Club House,” for Christ’s sake! This aggression will not stand, man.

And there’s serious money that can be made behind an organization the size of One Million Moms, so why not double down and come out with One Million Dads? Once that gets on its feet, you can bet One Million Kids, or Teens will be on its way, like trotting out a new baby on a failing sitcom to revive interest. All of it helps prolong the money flowing in.

What comes after that, One Million Pets? You have to wonder what the real motivation is for such an organization at this point, don’t you? Is it the money, or the misguided, sacrilegious righteous indignation? After all, look at the targets of their campaigns. Graham crackers? Seriously?

If you can start an organization with a large following aimed at harmless targets against which you launch ineffective campaigns while still raking in support, notoriety, and money hand over fist, what’s the real motivation?

That’s not activism, that’s just smart business – one supported by an embarrassing number of ignorant zealots and suckers.

H/T: Huffington Post | Featured image: via Facebook

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