Gay Reporter PERFECTLY Responds To Bigoted Viewer Telling Him To Get Off The Air (TWEETS)

When being bullied, no matter the age, the best thing to do is not let it get you down, but even more so, don’t take it lying down. And how local television reporter Mitchell McCoy from KARK in Little Rock, Arkansas, just handled a bully is pretty damn near perfect.

He received an angry email saying:

Dear Mitch,

I watched KARK before you joined and it was a reputable broad cast until now. I have been holding back for months but I can’t stand your gayness.

You are on television every night and our children should not be watching people like you. You are a disgrace to Arkansas and I will be asking your boss to take you off.

Do not be offended but society is not ready for gay men reading news.

Whoever wrote this letter clearly doesn’t realize gay people are all over his television and in movies everywhere he goes, but that is neither here nor there. And society, in general, doesn’t need to be ready to cater to narrow-minded, myopic views of bigots.

With the perfect response, however, was McCoy himself. He said:

I get many emails but this tops it. I’ve dreamt of being a reporter since I was 9 and I won’t stop on your behalf. With that said, no matter who you are or what you believe in – dream loudly and don’t let anyone get in your way. The minute you stop is the minute you stop being who you are. It’s not worth it.

There will always be people who simply can’t help but try to tear others down. Whether it’s to make themselves feel better, or they just can’t help but be mean, they will always exist. McCoy handled this situation beautifully. He called out the bully by displaying the email and making it public, let the bigot know that nothing is going to prevent him from going after his dreams, and told the world that letting bullies get to you is never worth it.

Good on you, Mitchell. Never stop being you and continue going after your dreams.

Featured image via video screen capture

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