Florida Passes ‘Religious Rights’ Bill That Bans Gay People From Adopting (AGAIN)

Last month the Florida House passed a law to officially erase the ban on gay couples adopting children in the state. It was a victory for a state that has an embarrassing homophobic history. Until 2010 gay people were not, even if they were single and celibate, allowed to adopt children. When the bill passed last month, with bipartisan support, social conservatives were pissed. So, Republicans–many of whom voted to end the ban just last month–voted to bring it back on Thursday.

House Bill 7111, also known as the Conscience Protection for Actions of Private Child-Placing Agencies Act, passed the Florida House yesterday by a vote of 75 to 38. Republicans claim that the bill is needed to protect the religious rights (sound familiar?) of adoption agencies:

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[HB7111] Prohibits specified actions from being taken against private child-placing agency that refuses to place child or be involved in placement of child or facilitate licensure of foster home which would violate agency’s written religious or moral convictions or policies; provides that such refusal does not provide basis for claim for injunctive relief or compensatory or punitive damages.[Source]

Basically if the adoption agency hates the gays, then they don’t have to place a child with them. Obviously, Jesus would want these children to grow up without loving parents….right?

I didn’t think so.

Bill Bunkley, from Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said the bill is no big deal because agencies are already discriminating:

This is the way we have been doing things the last five or more plus years. [Source]

Five years ago the anti-gay adoption law was struck down because it is unconstitutional. Bunkley in ll of his ethical glory is admitting that the religious adoption agencies didn’t care and continued with their bigoted practices.

This is why my state is called Flori-duhhh; because our politicians are completely asinine. They voted to erase any mention of this draconian law and a month later were bullied into reintroducing it. WTF? Republicans literally have no backbone, even when they know something is wrong they can’t help but to pander to their homophobic, idiotic base.

Republican Jesus™ must be so proud.

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