Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Now Trying to ‘Figure Out’ If Being Gay Is A Choice (VIDEO)

While being interviewed by Larry King, Willie Robertson, whose fame consists of shooting ducks and being a raging anti-LGBT bigot confessed he had a startling revelation. He is now unsure of whether or not being gay is a choice. Despite his staunch defense of his father’s homophobic remarks in the past he admitted that he now does not know if the Bible may be right on this issue.

When asked by Larry if he could choose to be gay Robertson’s response was:

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Larry, I’m trying to figure that out right now. I really am. Since the controversy and since I know all these people (Does he mean the gay people in the film and TV industry who made him fabulously wealthy?), and it’s…..the thought is…I’m going this way. I don’t know. I’m trying to figure it out myself.”

It’s certainly a different stance than he took only a year ago when he came to vehemently defend his bigoted father, Phil, who clearly thinks about gay sex enough to go into an absurd amount of detail about it. Last year Phil stated, “It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus.”

Maybe Willie really is starting to see the light and have a change of heart. Or maybe it’s a play for politics and a wrangling for votes in the future, as he also discusses a possible political future in the interview.

If you can handle it, the 30 minute video is below. His comments for his new “unsure” stance on homosexuality are aired within the first 30 seconds, however.

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