Crowd Watches Man Beat Kentucky Woman To A Pulp For ‘Looking’ Like A Lesbian

The rampant fearmongering of Republicans has claimed another victim as Brittany Nicole Wallace was hospitalized after a man beat her to the ground and then proceeded to kick her while several people stood by and did absolutely nothing to stop it.

Raw Story reports on Brittany’s Facebook post (removed or hidden as of this writing):

Brittany Nicole Wallace wrote, “Today I was assaulted. A man assaulted me because I look like a ‘dike’! He told me that he would ‘beat me like the man I want to be.’ He said, ‘people like me make him hate the world.’”

“He started by hitting me over and over in the face until he got me down,” Wallace wrote. “After I was down he began to kick me in the stomach, side, and face.

I don’t doubt this story for a second. Nothing gets the blood of a right wing bigot pumping like beating up someone that can’t defend themselves. With the combination of Republicans demonizing the LGBT community and Donald Trump encouraging violence against anyone conservatives hate, what Brittany went through was inevitable.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like to see people that could have helped stand there and do nothing:

“The sad part is that no one would come help me either. Several people stood around and watched this happen to me. Again, I truly believe that if I had a more feminine appearance someone would have helped,” she wrote.

If this doesn’t drive home how important rising up against the hate and rage of the right wing is, nothing will.

I can only guess that Brittany had to pull or hide the post on her page after her story spread. For bigots, the next best thing to beating up women in real life is attacking one online. Still, her closing plea for tolerance and love should be heard anyway:

This has not only physically but mentally and emotionally damaged me. I will do everything I can to try to put a stop to this hate and violence,” she went on. “I love people and try to help people all the time. All I ask if you read this is to please stop the hate, and help people when you see them getting hurt verbally, emotionally and physically!

Featured image via Facebook

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