A Classic Facebook Response To The Homophobic Memories Pizza

Even if Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana could produce a perfect pie, recent news of its support for the discriminatory “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” is leaving a bad taste in many mouths. And a new page on Facebook invites the public to rinse away that bitterness via protest: “Boycott Memories Pizza.”

The small restaurant made national news after its owners publicly stated support for the new law; RFRA now legally allows them to refuse to cater to gay customers, the owners noted. The April 1 launching of the “Boycott Memories Pizza” page on Facebook (created by one hereinafter referred to as “BMP”) gives the public means to respond to this open discrimination.

BMP’s effort isn’t an attack on religion in general, and not specifically on the restaurant owner’s faith, either. It was Memories Pizza’s odd and un-Christian practice of the Christian faith that triggered this response. BMP told If You Only News that, although a native and resident of a state that’s just as conservative and religious as Indiana:

Fortunately, I was taught from a young age that the Christian faith is not one for judging people, but one for forgiving people and treating them how you want to be treated.

And while the intended audience of the Facebook page are folks who agree with this distaste for Memories Pizza, BMP hopes the Walkerton, Indiana restaurant visits the site, too.

We have yet to hear from the pizzeria, but it would be great if they would hear us out and understand that it’s just not right.

So just how successful is BMP’s protest? Consider this: the restaurant’s own Facebook page currently has 536 “likes” since at least May 2014; the “Boycott Memories Pizza” page, however, has over 1,700 followers. And in only about six hours after it first launched earlier today.

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The sudden popularity catches BMP by surprise, too.

I have not put any money into promoting the page, only posting as much as I can allot time for and sharing it with a few other pages. I had no idea how big it would get.

BMP is advising the growing number of page followers to keep it civil, though, recently posting an article about potential backlash. The link posted on the page describes how a high school coach in Elkhart, Indiana was suspended for Tweeting threatening messages about the restaurant.  On the Facebook page’s link to that article, BMP notes:

Remember everyone to be CIVIL! We are a cause, not criminals. We do not need to stoop down to a level this low; we can show our concern with passion and tolerance through boycotting! We know we’re already winning the battle; don’t put yourselves at risk trying to cheat it.

BMP also reminds followers that there’s another company with similar name in another state. Wisconsin’s Memories Gourmet Pizza is not affiliated with the Indiana restaurant, though, and BMP asks that folks not mistake the two.

Maintaining these standards doesn’t mean that the page operator is intolerant of others’ responses, though. BMP also posted link to a NSFW spoof site using the restaurant’s name – www.memoriespizza.com – that was also launched today.

Images from Facebook pages of Boycott Memories Pizza and Memories Pizza


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