‘Christian’ School Suspends Gay Student For Wanting To Take A Boy To Homecoming Dance

We recently brought you the story of Lance Sanderson, who is a student at Memphis, Tennessee’s Christian Brothers High School, which is a Catholic prep school for boys. Lance is gay, and had been denied the ability to take another boy to the homecoming dance.

He spoke to the press, and he started a Change.org petition. The petition didn’t get the school to budge one inch. However, the good “Christians” at this Catholic prep school took their discrimination against Sanderson even further — by suspending him from school due to the press the story of their bigotry against him has received.

From local station WREG:

Monday morning, an Administrator called Lance in.

‘He started talking about the press was bad for the school and it was a hit for the brothers,’ Sanderson told WREG.

Sanderson was then asked to go home.

“They said they had 890 other kids to worry about, and they didn’t want to deal with this right now, and I could do work from home and they`re not going to mark my attendance, but they didn’t want me there,” he said.

According to lawyers for the school, they are perfectly within their legal rights to do this. Apparently, the loophole they created for just such instances– a school policy that forbids spreading negative press about the institution that is forced upon all students– was created for just such situations. They also say they had a “ministry” to reach out to gay students at the school.

Considering the fact that Christian Brothers High School is run by the Catholic Church, how much you want to bet that this “ministry” is nothing but some kind of gay “cure” program?

These people are despicable bigots. Of course, like the cowards they are, they still refuse to comment on the matter. Lance Sanderson, who is already trying to attend college events in order to make sure he has a bright, successful future like most young people, remains at home and uncertain of whether or not he will get to graduate– all because he is gay and refused to put up with blatant discrimination.

Hang in there, Lance. Maybe your parents will let you go to public school.

Featured image via Memphis Flyer

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