Catholic Bishop Compares Being Gay To Having Down’s Syndrome (AUDIO)

If one Irish Catholic bishop is any indication, the church may finally be coming around to the fact that some people are born gay, but that doesn’t mean acceptance.

According to Elphin Bishop Kevin Doran, who was interviewed on NewsTalk Breakfast radio, being born gay is not part of God’s plan and it’s comparable to Down’s Syndrome or spina bifida.

LGBT people can take solace in the fact that Bishop Doran doesn’t think you’re sinners, as long as you’re celibate or living a lie. Just don’t act on your actual attractions or that will send you straight to hell.

When asked about being gay, Doran said, “What the church asks of people who are homosexual by orientation is exactly the same as what the church asks of people who are heterosexual, that they reserve sexual relationships to marriage. Now, it’s a completely different question to say that we believe marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Of course, the difference is that it’s legal for non-virgins to marry.

About whether God intended that people are born gay, Doran answered:

“That would be to suggest that some people are born with Down’s syndrome or spina bifida, that that was what God intended,” Doran opined. “The thing about it is, I can’t see it in the mind of God.”

“The things you mentioned are disabilities,” the host pointed out. “Your sexual orientation is not a disability.”

“Well, I’m not entering into that,” Doran replied. “I’m just saying it would be wrong to suggest that everything that happens, happens because God intended it. If that were the case, we’d be talking about a very different kind of God.”

Source: Raw Story

He also doesn’t think that gay parents can be real parents.

Not so ironically, the Bishop admits that he was confused about his own sexuality when he was a teen. Say it ain’t so!

Here’s the audio:

Featured image courtesy of Irish Catholic.

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