British Tourist In Jail For Allegedly Causing Malaysian Earthquake By Taking Pictures

In an example of the sort of thing that could happen right here in the United States if the anti-science Republicans get their way, Western tourists are under arrest in Malaysia after being accused of causing a deadly earthquake, because they took nude photos.

The earthquake, which occurred on June 5th, killed 18 people. Officials blamed the earthquake on 10 British tourists who were allegedly posing naked on Mount Kinabalu and taking pictures.

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After the tourists were ordered to stay in the country, most fled but 24-year-old Eleanor Hawkins of Great Britain, who was there to celebrate her college graduation, was detained at the airport. Four others turned themselves in. Five are at large.

A police complaint was made June 2 against a tour group that set out to climb Mount Kinabalu. Hawkins and the others were part of the group. According to the official complaint, on the way back from the summit, the group stripped off their clothes to take a group selfie, ignoring their guide’s warnings.

“The guide warned them not to do so, but they replied: ‘Stupid man, go to hell.’ He could not stop them,” reads the official complaint.

Other reports in Malaysia have been made that members of the group also urinated or made insults towards their guide, the local culture or the people.

Source: Opposing Views

Now they are being blamed for the earthquake. They will face charges in court on June 15th.

If you think it’s far-fetched to compare this to American conservatives, just think of all the people who blame natural disasters on gay marriage, or on abortion or on any sort of “moral decay.” When laws are made based on religious beliefs instead of on humanity and science, people go to jail for the wrong reasons.

A well known conservative blames California’s drought on gay marriage. Not only is this stupid, it’s mentality like this that keeps us from addressing the elephant in the room, which is climate change. I’m sure that many conservatives would be more than willing to criminalize gay sex, abortion (they’re already working on that), birth control and even breast feeding. Is that really so different from jailing people for taking naked pictures and from blaming them for an earthquake?

Featured image via U.K. Mirror and Malaysian Times.

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