BREAKING: Kim Davis Thrown In Jail For Contempt Until She Issues Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

And BOOM goes the dynamite. Kim Davis has been thrown in jail, until such time when she agrees to start issuing marriage licenses to ALL qualified couples, same-sex included.

She was found in contempt of court today and was taken into federal custody, under the ruling of US District Court Judge David Bunning. There she will remain until she agrees to comply with the court orders already made against her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

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Kim Davis will be jailed indefinitely until she follows court orders to do her job. The reason is, because Judge Bunning felt fines alone would be paid by supporters, and not be sufficient motivation.

I think I love this Judge Bunning fellow.

For now, one of the 6 deputy clerks will be functioning in her stead and issuing marriage licenses. The clerks were given 30 minutes to decide if they wanted to actually do their freakin’ jobs, or join their idiot bigoted boss in jail. Rowan County’s attorney said that the clerks all were in agreement already to issue licenses, except that they were too intimidated by her to disagree.

To put this whole situation into context, use this handy list:

  1. Kim married husband #1
  2. She got knocked up with twins by husband #3 while married to husband #1
  3. She then divorced husband #1 and married husband #2
  4. Husband #2 adpots husband #3’s kids
  5. She then divorced husband #2 and married husband #3
  6. Then, she divorced husband #3 and married husband #2 again.

But those terrible homogays are the ones that are REALLY ruining the sanctity of marriage, right?

Oh and don’t forget. She gave herself a pass on ALL of this by becoming “saved.” Meaning she became a Christian four years ago. Thats right. Four years ago, she decided she would just become a Christian to cleanse her spirit AND it meant she could use it to judge others. Convenient right?

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