Bigoted Clerk Who Refuses To Do Her Job Whines To Supreme Court For Help To Not Do Her Job

Failed Armchair Constitutionalist and Flaming Bigot Kim Davis is at it again. She still refuses to do her damn job, and is now whining to the Supreme Court to help her be able to get paid for not doing work. Wait, isn’t this counter to everything for which right-wingers stand?

For those who are not aware, Kim is the clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky. In this job, one of her responsibilities is to issue marriage certificates. This now includes issuing said certificates to same-sex couples. And now, I am sure you see where her tears of blood are coming from.

Kim’s attorneys are petitioning the Supreme Court for an emergency order protecting her from being fired for refusing to follow constitutional law, while still being allowed to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples. On Aug, 28th, the Rowan  County Attorney requested that the state formally charge her with misconduct, which is the first step in actually firing her from her job.

As usual, her argument is the same as all others. Doing her job violates her religious beliefs. Also, as usual, this constitutional scholar fails to make the distinction between her personal beliefs, compared the state’s laws and her job’s responsibility to carry them out to the letter.


Kim Davis can’t seem to understand that her personal religious views are not public policy.

The first step in this whole affair was for Davis to personally choose to stop issuing ALL marriage licenses. Well since white, rich, heterosexual, religious couples hit a snag on this one that went away right quick. Next was her suing the governor of her own state, because he had the nerve to tell her to do her job or quit. Now, Davis is clinging to the notion that her personally signing a marriage license equals her personally approving of the marriage from a moral standpoint.

Davis is literally arguing, in a condensed form, that her civil rights allow her to deny the civil rights of others via her office, and those same rights prevent her from being fired for non-performance of her job. Also she is implying that if she were forced to issue these marriage licenses, there is no “earthly court” that could absolve her of this sinful behavior.

She is pretty much saying that if we humans force her to do the job we pay her to do, we cannot protect her from God making her burn in hell for all time.

I have a great idea. Lets all form up a church where we are required to do nothing but get drunk and screw around on our jobs, then claim civil rights prevent us from being fired for it.

As it stands, Davis is facing misdemeanor charges for official misconduct in her capacity as an elected official. Also, there could be contempt of court charges brought against her for refusing to follow a court order to do her friggin’ job. If the SCOTUS grants her request, it would keep her in office for possibly a long time. At minimum it would require the lawsuit against the governor to be resolved, and possibly could be escalated to the SCOTUS itself before it is all over.

Featured Image: Custom Graphic by Christian Drake

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