Bigoted, Anti-Gay Activist To Christians: ‘Flee America Before SCOTUS Decision. I Did.’

End times writer and marriage equality doomsayer John Price spoke to Rick Wiles on the show “End Times” about why he moved to Costa Rica, and why other Americans should pack up and leave as well. His reason? Right Wing Watch reports that Price believes America is “the daughter of Babylon,” because of the Supreme Court’s impending decision on marriage equality.

Leaving America, he said, was following his god’s call to flee from the daughter of Babylon. He can’t stay and participate in all our sins if he’s to follow his god, and neither can any other Christian. Price doesn’t even know what the Supreme Court’s decision will be, but he’s clearly taking the rumors that they will rule the same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional everywhere quite seriously. He said:

By June 30, the United States Supreme Court is going to hand down a decision…that the Constitution of the United States contains within it, even though there’s no reference to marriage, the right of a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman, and will prohibit any state from establishing the parameters of marriage.

There’s a problem with this, and that is that this guy (and other Christians) believe that the fact that the Constitution doesn’t say anything about the word “marriage,” it therefore doesn’t apply to marriage. So the states should be able to do what they want (many also think that the 10th Amendment contains either “specifically,” or “explicitly,” when it comes to powers given to the federal government. It doesn’t). However, the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment applies to marriage according to the 2013 DOMA ruling. That’s what Price doesn’t understand.

Price’s remarks include saying that the left is taking over, and that he’s spent a lot of time watching Fox News, so he knows what’s going on. He also mentions that he’s not necessarily talking about executive orders, the value of the dollar, or other things of true importance. He spoke this gem, too:

People need to know what’s coming, and you can count on the fact that it’s coming. As soon as the Supreme Court rules, they’re organized, they’re going to be knocking on doors, and they’re going to be saying, ‘If you perform a service in this community, using our public streets and our public utilities, and you get tax exemptions, and you perform a service for opposite sex couples and you don’t perform it for us as a same-sex couples, that’s discrimination, you should not be allowed to operate as a church, and if we have to get a court order either putting you in jail or shutting your church down, we’ll do it.’

Clearly, he doesn’t understand that there’s a difference between marriage equality as a legal and secular issue, and forcing churches, which are religious institutions under the law, to perform such weddings. A same-sex couple can sue, say, a justice of the peace for refusing to perform a wedding ceremony for them on religious grounds. They can also sue a secular business that’s supposed to serve everyone. They’d be laughed out of the courtroom for suing a church, because a church is, legally, a religious institution, and granted certain protections that secular businesses and officials are not.

On the other hand, when the government starts shutting churches down for this, but refusing to shut down synagogues, mosques, and houses of worship for other religions over similar “infractions,” then Christians would actually experience the persecution they’re currently claiming they experience (but aren’t).

Regardless, Price’s god will unleash all his fury and wrath upon the good ol’ U.S. of A. once marriage equality becomes the law of the land, so all good, god-fearing Christians should get out while they can. Their god will allow widespread, horrific persecution of Christians and the church in order to encourage them to leave.

And then what? America will be left to the heathens, and we’ll fall, and it will be just awful. It’s sad that people who were born in the supposed “land of the free” believe this. The inequality that currently exists here isn’t freedom in any sense of the word, except, maybe, for Christians.

Listen to Price’s ridiculous positions below:

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Featured image by David Shankbone. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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