Bette Midler Says What We All Want To About The Love-Fest For Republican Caitlyn Jenner (TWEET)

Ok, look, I’m typically always one of the first people to rally behind the underdog. I stand up for those that face horrific injustice in our society. I believe in fairness and equality, liberty and social responsibility – just like most liberals.

With that said, enough with the liberal adoration of Caitlyn Jenner! I get it – I do. But, she isn’t doing any of us any favors. If anything, we’ve been duped. Naturally, we shouldn’t condone the actions of the homophobic and transphobic who say abhorrent things about ANYONE who is LGBT, but that doesn’t mean we have to join the Caitlyn Jenner Fan Club™ either.

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Earlier this month, Jenner had requested a ticket to the Democratic Debate at Drake University. Shortly after the debate, LA Times reported:

Jenner told The Times that she did not get into the debate hall but that she was able to watch it on television with students on the Drake University campus. She said she still planned to vote Republican. ‘They didn’t convince me,’ she said. (Emphasis added)

That’s right, as of a week ago Caitlyn Jenner said she would choose a Donald Trump or Ben Carson as president over Hillary or Bernie. Let that sink in a moment.

Bette Midler took note of the comment and tweeted her opinion of the ridiculous remark.


And, she’s right.

What Caitlyn Jenner’s statement says is she will choose to vote against the very people who rally behind her.

She will vote against women, as Glamour Magazine makes her one of the women of the year:

She will vote against the interests of PFLAG, as her mother wins their “Advocate Award”:

She will vote against the Human Rights Campaign’s interests, as she is “inspired” by those who wouldn’t even need this organization if the politicians Jenner supported weren’t placed in positions of power.

We would not need advocates for human rights if human rights were recognized by default – something republicans spend millions of dollars to fight.

And, let’s not forget GLAAD, the ultra-conservative organization who battles the bullying of LGTB youth.

Because, obviously a vote for Donald Trump or Ben Carson will greatly benefit them.

Enough is enough with this Caitlyn Jenner love fest. She’s a republican. She will vote against the interests of those who have supported her.

I guess money truly is the root of all evil.

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