Bette Midler DESTROYS The GOP’s Response To The Pulse Massacre (Tweets)

In 140 characters, Bette Midler just illustrated, and destroyed the entire problem with the Conservative reaction to the Pulse domestic terror attack.

Of course, Bette is really, really good at nailing down the right-wing’s obsession with being totally oblivious to the human costs of their desire for total freedom and zero responsibility. She has compared Mitch McConnell to an intestinal blockage, eviscerated Donald Trump in one tweet, and become something of the Queen of left wing social media.

Now she is attacking the issue right where it lives. This American man, born here, and insanely angry because his parents taught him hate (like so many lost in their religion, be it Christian or Islam) went on a killing spree 150 miles away from his home — targeting only LGBT people in one of the most well known of Florida’s gay nightclubs. He bought the guns and high capacity magazines used, despite having a background in domestic violence and having been on the terror watchlist, the same week he would end the light of 50 lives.

Yet the right wing says, again, “NO GUN CONTROL, it won’t work! We should ban Muslims!” Um — no. Muslims have been implicated in only 10 percent of America’s mass shootings, but shootings all have something else in common.

According to Snopes, Muslims have been involved in 32 out of the last 604 fatalities that occurred during mass shootings in the United States, which accounts for about 5 percent of the deaths. 5 percent, but hey, the Conservatives say ban ’em!

Even adding these 50 lives lost tragically, that only make it 82 out of 604, or 13.5 percent. THIRTEEN PERCENT. Other shooters, overwhelmingly angry white men, outnumber them, nearly 87 percent.

That logic isn’t penetrating the RWNJ crowd, though — because you can get on the watch lists for being involved in all hate groups, not just Islamic ones.

So, if they allowed us to protect Americans from known possible terrorists, Billy Bob and Cletus couldn’t buy guns because of their KKK and White Nationalist affiliations. That is how simple this is. It isn’t about FREEDOM for all, it is about the fact that a lot of the GOP voters would be unable to buy guns. It is about valuing your rights above another’s — a hallmark of the Conservative party.

We have already tried little to nothing, but here is a little thought for you: As Patrick Murphy said, “91% of suspected terrorists who attempted to buy guns in America walked away with the weapon they wanted.”

Regulation isn’t a ban. Regulations don’t mean your freedoms have been touched inappropriately, regulations save lives. We could do better, America — don’t let them lie to you — we have tried doing nothing, that doesn’t work, it is time to try doing SOMETHING.

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