Bernie Sanders Takes To Reddit For An ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session (SCREENSHOTS)

As he has done in the past, yesterday Senator (and 2016 Presidential Candidate) Bernie Sanders took to reddit for a live, unscripted Q&A. Anyone and everyone was invited to join the conversation and ask him any questions at all. Because the questions come from voters and citizens and not the media, you really get to see what concerns people and how the candidate will candidly and spontaneously respond.

Because of the length of the “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) and all of the thousands of responses, it has been condensed here by distilling the question and Bernie Sanders’ responses, which are to-the-point. The responses and debates that were triggered by his answers are well worth reading.

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The questioning started with someone asking the best way for constituents to communicate their wishes to their elected officials and, specifically, how to voice their opposition to currently pending trade agreements.  Bernie’s response:

bernie tpp



The responses from Vermont voters confirmed that he is indeed very accessible–some even called interacting with him in the community “unavoidable.”

The next question about electoral reform–including eliminating the electoral college completely–and if he supports “a single transferable voting system for congress that would allow smaller parties to compete.”

bernie electoral reform


The responses to this–and they are well worth the read over on reddit–were much more varied, but supportive of an overhaul of the current electoral system.

The next question was how he felt about US ground military operations in the Middle East “against ISIS or Bashar Asad in Syria.” Again, his response is pointed:

bernie war



The next question posed to Senator Sanders was about his stance on nuclear power, nuclear energy technology and taxpayer funding.

bernie climate


The next questioner wanted to know what would be first on the to-do list of a President Sanders.

sanders first priority


The next questioner wanted to know what his stance is on scientific funding, research labs, NIH and NSF, environmental legislation and science education and literacy in the United States.

bernie science



On the NSA and wiretapping:

bernie nsa wire tapping


On higher education and tuition:

bernie college tuition


On getting people involved in the political process:

bernie getting people involved

On whether or not he believes there is such a thing as a “just” war and if he would be willing to commit armed forces into other countries:

bernie on just wars

The next questioner wanted to know if Bernie had ever 1) changed a stance (flip-flopped) on any issues; 2) how would a President Sanders get around filibusters and obstruction of legislation that would help the middle class:

bernie on flip flopping and the middle class

The next questioner wanted to know his stance on UBI (Universal Basic Income) and his plan for combatting income inequality and poverty in the United States.

bernie on combatting income inequality and poverty

On NASA and space exploration:

bernie on nasa and space exploration

On unemployment due to automation:

bernie on unemployment due to automation

On 1) US relations with Latin America; and 2) does he feel that 6 debates for presidential primaries is enough to cover all the important issues:

bernie on latin american relations and debate coverage



On what is the most useful thing to help his campaign other than donating cash:

bernie on campaign assistance


On grassroots support and education:

bernie on grassroots support and education







On decriminalizing marijuana:

bernie on decriminalizing marijuana


On transgender in the military:

bernie on transgender in the military





On GMO foods:

bernie on gmo foods



At which point the discussion appeared to have ended for Bernie Sanders, but everyone else is still debating his responses. Very interesting indeed. It will be interesting to see if other candidates are willing to go live and unscripted like this as well.

Featured image from reddit.


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