Anonymous Posts From Closeted Married Men Reveal The Heart-Wrenching Agony Of Living A Lie (IMAGES)

Gay people who are living authentic lives are always saying it, but apparently it hasn’t sunk in yet for many: the closet is a dangerous place to be. It is a place that forces people to lie to those who are closest to them and to keep a secret that no one should have to keep. In some cases, it even makes the temptation to cheat on straight spouses too much to resist.

Well, there is one place married, closeted gay people can divulge the secrets of their closeted life with little chance of getting caught: Whisper.

Whisper is an anonymous app on which people write short blurbs and share them — completely anonymously (or, rather, as anonymously as you can share on a smart phone app). There’s no sign up, and you never link to other social media accounts unless you so choose.

Popular gay blog Queerty has lifted some truly heart-wrenching Whisper images from closeted men who are married to women confessing to their gay affairs that their wives have no clue about.

Whisper confession 4

Whisper confession 2

Whisper confession 2

Whisper confession 1

Whisper confession 5

Now, I’ve been out for what will be, literally, two decades in October of this year. To that end, I admit that I am very much far removed from what people who have lived that lie are going through.

However, I see these anecdotes as a warning, and anyone reading this who is deeply closeted and actively dating straight people should do so as well. This is what happens when you live a lie. You harm yourself, and, if and when you finally do step out of the closet and into the light, you destroy the lives of everyone affected by the lie.

There’s no such thing as being in too deep. Living authentically is the best thing to do for everyone involved. Straight spouses deserve partners who can love them, and a gay person can’t do that. Anyone closeted reading this- I hope this gives you reason to finally come out.

H/T: Queerty | Images via Whisper

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