All This 4th Grader Wants From Santa is Equality This Holiday Season

A little boy’s letter to Santa was so touching that his mother felt compelled to share it with the Huffington Post. He doesn’t want a new XBOX, or Ninja Turtles figures, or a new bicycle for Christmas — all he wants is for people like his sister to be accepted and loved by society.

The letter asks Santa to end shootings, hate, and racism, and tells the story of his older sister. Molly is a transgendered individual who was born in a male body.

via Huffington Post

via Huffington Post

The child, “B,” tells Santa that he is fortunate that he has a family who accepts his sister, but that he wants everyone to find the same love in their hearts:

Dear Santa,

I wish for everyone to have equality[–] black, white, brown, gay, transgender, and every other race. I wish for familys [sic] to love each other even if their [sic] trans or gay. I wish for no shootings, no hate, and no racism. My big sister[’s] name is Molly. She used to be called Sam but she came out as trans [when] she was 18. She took hormones that made her look and sound more like a girl. Luckly [sic] my family and I accepted her, but some familys [sic] are not like that[.] [P]eople have killed their children because of them being transgender or gay. I want that to stop, and start the love.

Love, B

“B’s” mother is part of an “online support group for parents with trans* youth,” and says she is proud of her son’s support for now-20-years-old Molly and all other individuals who face hatred and discrimination every day.

“He’s obviously paying attention to what is going on. He asks lots of questions and has a great amount of empathy. He has a huge heart and has great pride in his sister,” she told HuffPo. “We have had nothing but support from everyone but I know minds need changing and people need educating. If I’m raising a young man to have a voice and to advocate then I’m immensely proud. I don’t think he realizes yet he has the power to move people and touch hearts with his words.”

While the young man may not realize the power of his words, hopefully others will read them and find that spark needed to fight for equality and acceptance worldwide. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, Santa will give him his wish.

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