Ala. Chief Justice Says Gay Marriage Will Lead To Fathers Marrying Their Daughters (VIDEO)

Gay marriage is one of the many things that causes Teapublicans to go batshit crazy. When it’s just the run of the mill idiot Republican saying something stupid, it’s maddening, but far easier to write off than a judge saying something asinine. It’s even worse when it is a state Supreme Court Chief Justice, like Alabama’s Roy Moore, who blocked gay marriage in his state because he said he wanted to prevent incestuous marriages between parents and their children.

In an interview on Good Morning America about his decision to defy a federal court ruling to allow gay marriage, Moore was asked if he’s worried that he’d end up on the wrong side of history. His answer was a resounding “NO!” with a whole lot of idiocy thrown in:

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Absolutely not. Do they stop with one man and one man or one woman and one woman? Or do they go to multiple marriages? Or do they go to marriages between men and their daughters or women and their sons?


Moore also said that he doesn’t believe it is within the federal government’s rights to define marriage. That’s why he ordered the state’s probate judges to deny same sex marriage licenses in the state.

The argument that men are suddenly going to start banging and marrying their daughters, because same-sex marriage is legal, is utter nonsense. It’s the same slippery slope argument Republicans have been hiding behind for years, but usually had something to do with animals. So far not a single animal or child has been wed in any of the other states gay marriage is legal.

The real issue here is not the extreme stupidity of the statement; after all, let’s face it, conservatives are generally dumbasses anyway. The problem is that Roy Moore is a Supreme Court Justice. and not just any justice, but Chief Justice!

His sole job is to protect ALL of the citizens in Alabama. How in the world can we expect this man to do his job fairly when he is clearly biased and certainly homophobic?

Watch Moore below on Good Morning America:


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