Ah, The Sweet Smell Of Hypocrisy–Brought To You By The Family Research Council (IMAGES)

The anti-LGBT law passed by the North Carolina legislature last month has prompted a few corporations to either leave the state or avoid moving there in the first place. One of those corporations was PayPal, who scrapped a plan to build a headquarters there. This is costing the state hundreds, perhaps thousands, of jobs.

Anti-LGBT groups have applauded the new law, of course. Predictably, one of those groups is the Family Research Council. The head of the FRC is Tony Perkins (sad that such an awful man has the same name as a terrific actor), an innocuous-looking fellow whose demeanor belies the vitriol he spouts. He’s like the love child of George W. Bush and a spitting cobra.

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Perkins and his hateful group were bashing LGBT Americans before it was cool. Kinda makes you wonder how big that closet is, to be able to hold all of the pseudo-Christians who spend their days obsessing over how other people have sex. Unfortunately, their brand of hate is all the rage on the right at the moment. After the Supreme Court handed down their decision on marriage equality, this brand of closeted concerned pseudo-Christian started yelling about how the world would end because two middle-aged guys in Peoria can now make it official. Hasn’t happened yet.

Mr. Perkins loves the new North Carolina law and the similar one Mississippi just passed. He isn’t worried about the loss of jobs in North Carolina. He is so not-worried that Mr. Perkins had very strong words for PayPal and their hundreds of jobs:

Good riddance! Anyone with half a brain shouldn’t want that kind of extremism operating out of North Carolina anyway. There was a time, not too long ago, when most corporations would have probably moved out of a state if it did allow such lunacy… Now that Big Business has been co-opted by LGBT activists, it’s not just demanding — but punishing — anyone who thinks the safety and privacy of our daughters is too much to pay for political correctness.

Is that the ghost of Southerners past I hear? “What about our women? What about our daughters. Won’t someone think of them?” Well, Tony Perkins will, by gawd. And he has some advice on what his sheeple FRC members can do about that awful PayPal:

If you have a PayPal account, let the company know where you stand (and, here, he links to PayPal’s contact number) on their decision to side with extremists over public safety and privacy.

Well. He doesn’t spell it out but the implication is there. So, hey, let them pull their accounts, right? Oh, wait. Not so fast. Better keep that PayPal account just a little while longer. So you can donate to the FRC. Yep. They now accept PayPal and, ladies and gentlemen, if you think that they will refuse your money because it comes through PayPal, you’d better think again.

Here’s the menu from the donation page at the FRC website:

frc paypal

This is what you see if you go further along in the donation process (I’m sorry, I just could NOT do that):

Gosh and golly, folks. Looks like the FRC is showing off their hypocrisy in bold blue and green. “The safest, easiest way to pay.” Yes, it certainly is. And the FRC won’t be refusing any payments that arrive via that service, on that you can set your watch and warrant.

I love the smell of right-wing hypocrisy in the morning, don’t you? Or in the evening. Okay, anytime, really. Smells like… stupidity.

Featured Image by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

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