A Man Held A ‘Straight Pride’ Parade And No One Came– He Blames The Gays (IMAGES)

Anthony Rebello of Seattle thinks heterosexuality is a “belief” and on Saturday, he celebrated his “belief” by staging a Heterosexual Pride parade, only no one showed up and of course, it’s the fault of the gays.

Rebello had been planning the event for a while. He posted this on his Facebook page (which seems to have more pro-rights supporters than anything):

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.00.30 PM

Getting a lot of teasing, and trolling, Rebello posted this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.56.14 PM

Unfortunately for him, the only picture he posted of the “parade,” which was on Saturday, was of him carrying balloons and a “straight pride” sign. He claims that other people were afraid of having their pictures taken because of possible retribution from the LGBT community.

Image via Facebook page.

Image via Anthony Rebello Facebook page.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about Rebello’s rants, here’s his blog. A somewhat regular (no pun intended) topic is his poops. Yes, really.

He compares same-sex couples to insects, and apparently doesn’t realize that straight and gay people recognize the differences between men and women:

I think it’s a trend. A cry for attention. From your government, a distraction. For $. I have previously stated how I feel about marriage in this post: MARRIAGE I have also created an event: Heterosexual Parade Gay Mafia? Maybe animals should be allowed to get married? Would they govern and tax them too? While they’re at it, how about equal rights for insects? In my opinion, there is a difference between a man and a woman. If you can’t appreciate those differences, you can’t enjoy those differences. I don’t agree with boys turning into girls, and I don’t agree with girls turning into boys. The word/meaning of “Pride” doesn’t belong to the gay/lgbt community, it belongs to everyone. That includes us good old fashioned straight people. The way I see it, in my opinion, some boys never turn into men, and some girls never turn into women. What a shitshow.

Ironically, though, he also says this about marriage in general:

You don’t need a third party, or a piece of paper to have a good relationship with someone. You don’t need anyone’s permission, or approval. If you make each other happy, that’s what matters. It is between you, and the person you are involved with, not you and society。

To be fair, Seattle might not be the best city in the country for hosting a hate parade. People there tend to be fairly liberal, but it is a very good sign that people are finally beginning to realize that love is here to stay.

Featured image via Facebook

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