Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Is Bashing Him Behind His Back, Trump Meltdown Eminent (VIDEO)

Trump’s SCOTUS pick just put his future job in jeopardy by pointing out that the president smearing federal judges who disagree with him is an awful way to behave. That may be commonsense to most people, but for Trump it will no doubt represent a betrayal. More than competency or intelligence, Trump demands the people around him always serve loyally. His ego can’t take it any other way.

After Trump’s Muslim ban was slapped down by several federal judges for being an obvious violation of the Constitution, Trump went after them personally.

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According to at least one Democratic senator, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has remarked that Trump’s pathetic tweets attacking the judiciary are “disheartening” and “demoralizing.” Many within the judiciary have expressed similar shock and sadness about Trump’s apparent disregard for the law. In the battle between the Constitution and Trump’s vanity – Gorsuch just picked a side.

Asked about the comment, Gorsuch’s spokesman confirmed he had made the comments.

Now all eyes turn towards Trump, who is left looking like a belligerent fool that unsettles even his own inner circle. Gorsuch seems to recognize that a president who will so quickly and casually bash the branch of government meant to be a check on his power when they get in his way is dangerous to everyone, regardless of politics. Will Trump recognize that he was out of line when he went after judges? Or have a meltdown, as has been his pattern since the very first day of his campaign?

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