You WILL ROFL Your @$$ Off At This Perfect Mockery Of The Oregon Moron Militia (VIDEO)

When armed idiots first occupied the Malheur Refuge, there was concern that their numbers would multiply exponentially and that the standoff would turn into a conflict that would shed innocent blood for no reason other than a bunch of a**holes want America returned to the glory days of 1863. Before long, the credibility of the “movement” was destroyed by the appearance of perpetual internet joke Jon Ritzheimer and the desperate call for snacks.

The standoff could end today and for months new snack memes would continue to appear. They brought it on themselves.

There’s very little about what these imbeciles are doing that is actually funny. They’re costing the taxpayers money, terrorizing the locals and giving the worst of the American right-wing extremists a reason to get all hyped up and violent. It’s just so damned impossible to NOT make them eat their own stupidity, though.

In the spirit of American cynicism and our duty as wards of the liberal side of the internet, we give you this ridiculous parody. Enjoy!

Featured image via screen capture


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