You HAVE TO Read This Dad’s Priceless Reply To Public School’s Christian Indoctrination (IMAGES)

Australia is very much like the United States when it comes to religious freedom and separation of church and state. You are free to worship how, who and where you want, unless you’re representing the state. Australian comedian and actor David Thorne, well aware of the law, took an opportunity to express his concerns in the funniest way possible.

When his son brought home a permission slip from his school’s self-proclaimed “chaplain,” Thorne officially had enough. The notice was to have children attend an Easter play, which is a no-no, and the box marked “I give my child permission” was already checked:

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Mind you this permission slip is being given to parents of students at a public school, where indoctrination isn’t just frowned upon, it’s illegal. The permission slip clearly states that children will be “learning the true meaning of Easter.”

Thorne’s began an exchange with Chaplain Darryl that will most definitely go down in history as one of the funniest things ever to land on the internet:

religious shot 2

That by itself would have been sufficient for most people, but when Chaplain Darryl responded, Thorne just couldn’t help himself:


religious shot 3


religious shot 4

If you’re Chaplain Darryl, isn’t this the point that you decide to give up? The fact that he continues to respond is a testament to the lengths neo-Christians will go to introduce Jesus into the life of a child:


religious shot 5

religious shot 6

OK, so now he’s just having fun. Poor Chaplain Darryl has been caught in a vortex of silliness that just gets better:

religious shot 7

religious shot 8

religious shot 9

Darryl at this point finally figures out that he is fighting a losing battle.

religious shot 10

Certainly David is overwhelmed with joy that Chaplain Darryl will be praying for him.

David’s response to the indoctrination of his son in a public school is nothing short of hilarious, and completely warranted. At some point the Christian extremists who believe their religion is the only religion and that our children have no choice but to study and worship it or go to hell will figure out that those who believe we should rely on public schools for our children’s spirituality are failures as parents.

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