‘You Have No I-D-E-A!’: Privileged B.C. Woman Goes Nuts After Barely Missing Ferry (VIDEO)

The Facebook page Spotted in Victoria has certainly spotted something all right.

Early Monday afternoon the page posted a video currently going viral around the Internet of an unidentified woman in British Columbia flipping her lid over missing her intended ferry. She’s not just losing her sh*t over being informed she cannot make the ferry – she’s printing it on milk cartons and calling an Amber Alert over it. Her sh*t is gone, and by the looks of it, one has to wonder if it will be coming back.

Spotted in Victoria states the following in its “About” section:

This happens to all of us. As we continue going through our everyday lives, we spot many things; situations, people, scenarios, etc. This page is designed to provide a method for you to reveal your ‘spottings’ in Victoria to the entire community.

We reserve the right to not post any particular message, with or without reason. Also, due to the sheer volume of messages that we receive, it’s impossible to post all of them. Because there is a limit to how many we can post, please don’t be offended if your message is not posted. If you feel that a post has been targeted towards you and you feel uncomfortable about it, or simply do not want it posted (for any reason), just send us a message, and it will be removed immediately.

As the video clearly shows below, the woman can be seen stomping away from the kiosk, furious for being denied passage on the ferry, venting all the way to the exit as she screams like a defeated tween:


As she reaches the exit she yells:


Fortunately for this woman, her identity is rather obscured in the video. Hopefully that means the post is in no danger of being removed by Spotted in Victoria after receiving an angry or embarrassed email from someone furiously typing, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA!”

No, we don’t. Perhaps this woman has a lot going on in her life. Or perhaps she is simply one of the entitled masses we’re always hearing so much about. We don’t know, and we can’t see her face, so chances of any of our laughter getting back to her and affecting her private life even more are pretty slim. No, now she’s just one of the thousands of anonymous people online left to their own infamy for our parasitic laughter. And with no harm done, we can sit back at home or the office (so long as you are wearing headphones) and have a good laugh at someone else’s expense without any harm done.

Ah… the glories of the Internet, eh? Let’s hope this woman has a better day tomorrow.

Featured image: via WikiMedia

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