Woman Exacts GLORIOUS Revenge On Date Who Refuses To Smooch Her On ‘Kiss Cam’ At Knicks Game (VIDEO)

Don’t you just hate it when you’re innocently watching a live sporting event and all of a sudden the “Kiss Cam” is pointed right at you and your date’s faces and everyone expects an impromptu smooching performance? Yeah, it’s never happened to me either, but it did happen to this not-so-happy looking couple during a recent Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

For this young twosome, the situation went anything but smoothly.

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Apparently, the fella in the video was not in the mood to engage in any peer-pressure induced tongue wrestling and decided that instead of kissing the VERY excited woman sitting next to him, he’d make the kind of face a 3rd grader makes right before accusing a girl of having “cooties” and smugly snub her.

After it becomes painfully clear that Mr. Sourpuss is not going to lay one on her for the cheering crowd, his lady friend seems to deflate like a neglected helium balloon…right before doing one of the most kick-ass things I’ve ever seen.


It’s not clear whether these two were on an awkward first date (made infinitely more awkward by the “Kiss Cam” shenanigans), in a long-term relationship and just having an unfortunately-timed lover’s spat, or were even together romantically at all.

But one thing is certain: that dude better learn some game…or maybe just watch games from the couch in his living room from now on.

No word on the fate of the empowered young woman (my nominee for Time Magazine’s Fabulous Female of the Year award…if that were an actual thing) and her possible new love interest. I could swear I saw some major sparks fly when those two locked lips though.

We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Some people say this looks staged, and while I can neither deny nor confirm that accusation, it’s funny as all get-out either way.  I say, just lighten up and laugh.

H/T: Opposing Views | Image via screengrab

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