What Happens When You Mix The Simpsons And Donald Trump’s Tweets? Hilarity, Of Course! (IMAGES)

One thing we’ve been able to rely on in this bizarre election season is Donald Trump’s tweets. He uses Twitter as a passive-aggressive (and sometimes just plain aggressive) way to strike at his enemies, who are anyone who says something negative about him. That turns out to be a lot of people. Sure, Trump’s Tweets are entertaining but they lack graphics.

Dan Levy of TheComeback.com has remedied that situation. He went to the website, Frinkiac, which has almost 3 million stills from The Simpsons, ready for memes. All you have to do is search with a quotes, an image, a character… and make a meme right there. I made this one:

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iyon party

Levy chose some actual Tweets from Trump’s account — word for word — and created some very amusing mash-ups. Trump on his opponents:




Here is one about the incident with our sailors accidentally encroaching in Iranian waters:


Remember, put the magazine away for 4 years:


A couple of examples of Trump’s misogynistic tendencies:


Anyone who dares to criticize Trump gets Tweet-shamed:



Maybe this one is true:


Maybe the Donald will see this and use his powerful Twitter to attack me and IYON. If he does, I promise to make a Simpsons meme out of it. Until then, we’d love to see what you can do. Please share in the comments.

All images via TheComeback.com

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