What Do YOU Think? Tina Fey The People’s Choice For Next Daily Show Host (VIDEO)

According to a recent poll, America knows who they want to replace Jon Stewart as the Daily Show host/anchor. It is none other than Tina Fey of SNL and 30 Rock fame.

Fey bested the competition in a poll done by Quinnipiac by garnering 19% of the vote. The competition selected, some of who aren’t nearly as popular as Fey or simply an unrealistic choice as Stewart’s heir to the fake news throne.

Here’s a rundown of the full vote:

  • Tina Fey – 19%
  • Dennis Miller – 16% (no shot, but don’t tell the tea people that )
  • John Oliver – 8% (some people not aware that Oliver now has his own gig on a bigger network with less censorship restraints)
  • Brian Williams – 7% (recent controversy aside, I expect Brian will stick with his real network gig)
  • Craig Ferguson – 5% (keep in mind Ferguson’s show isn’t going off the air because he’s really really popular)
  • Chelsea Handler – 5% (representing the “I Hate Tina Fey, Want To Vote For A Woman But RWNJ Victoria Jackson Just Sucks Too Much Club”)

When you stand back, this is the perfect gig for Fey, a groundbreaking and trend setting actress and writer who has already mastered the art of reading Fake News as you can see in this absolutely brilliant clip here:

No one knows who will replace Stewart later this year. But if Tina comes on as the follow up act, if her past performances are any indication, she should keep up if not grow the show’s great reputation as the best satire around, anywhere.

About the only person I can honestly think might be as good as Tina is her old Weekend update partner, Amy Poehler.

Then again, why not reunite the team?

Who do you think should be the new host of The Daily Show? Let us know in the comments below.


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