What Do Christian Zealots And Muslim Extremists Have In Common? A WHOLE Lot (VIDEO)

There is a political theory which suggests that people who are on the extreme ends of ideologies have more in common with each other than those closer to the middle. Allow me to stretch that a bit to make an observation on which many of us have come to agree: Christian zealots have more in common with “Islamic” terrorists than they would ever want to admit.

This cartoon hilariously parodies that truth. The bottom line with any person advocating a Christian theocracy is that they have much in common with the Taliban who wish to impose Sharia Law and ISIS seeking to expand their so-called caliphate.

And that’s the point of theocracies: they seek to impose, through the force of law and even the penalty of death, religious dogmas. Does it matter which particular book it came from when it is being forced down the throats of those who do not willingly wish to comply?

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This video goes point by point hyperbolically illustrating what a gun nut from Texas has in common with an Afghani Jihadist. For starters: their hatred of Obama, hatred of gays and lesbians, fear of foreigners, desire to subjugate women and their desire to overthrow their governments and replace them with theocracies.

The video gives a disclaimer that it is not attempting to represent all Christians, nor all Muslims. But it does hilariously expose the similarities that religious zealots generally have in common with each other, and it doesn’t disappoint.

WARNING: Do not watch this video while drinking or eating. The hilarity of it may induce choking and/or other life-threatening conditions.

See what Texas ammosexuals have in common with Jihadists in the video below:

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