Even Westboro Baptist Church Wants Nothing To Do With Kim Davis (IMAGES)

Kim Davis already knew she had no progressive support for her holier-than-thou rejection of gay marriage. But the county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky probably didn’t expect denunciation from her own side of the spectrum.

That’s what’s happening, though, as the infamously hateful Westboro Baptist Church recently began attacking Davis through its Twitter account. The two obviously agree on a screwy “God hates fags” dogma. However, Westboro argues that Davis’ multiple divorces make her too big of a sinner to qualify as a spokesperson for their cause.

wbc 8

Even worse, the circumstance itself is all her fault. “Kim Davis caused fag marriage,” the church said in one of its many tweets on the subject over the past few days.

wbc 2

Westboro Baptist even used a “talk a walk in their shoes” argument.

wbc 4

What’s really shocking about Westboro’s Twitter tirade is that this most fundamental of all fundamentalists criticized Davis for failing to honor the law, even if that law pertains to gay marriage. Not exactly what you’d expect from Westboro Baptist, now is it?

wbc 6a

wbc 6

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Westboro even attacked their right-wing heroes for defending Davis. Note this tweet regarding Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who WBC now regards to be a “perv”:

wbc 9

Of course, biblical quotes had to be dropped here and there, like this one.

wbc 3

And for anyone who thinks this @WBCSaysRepent account might not be the church’s actual Twitter ID, note that it continued the group’s normal pattern of Jeebus and homophobia in other tweets on the topic.

wbc 5b

So how low is it when your own fundies won’t support your uber-fundamentalist activities? Pretty damn low. Like, a low-as-hell kind of low, when it comes from Westboro Baptist Church.

Featured image via Twitter account of Westboro Baptist Church

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