Watch: Would-Be Robber Disarmed By A ‘Good Guy WITHOUT A Gun’ (VIDEO)

Conservatives love to use the talking point that “good guys with guns” are the only way to save lives.

If more guns were in our schools, there would be fewer dead children.  If everyone on the street had a firearm there would be no more muggings.

If all store clerks had a gun, nobody would hold them up.

It’s their argument against gun control or gun safety legislation of any kind.

Recent events have been proving them wrong.  A man legally carrying his concealed weapon into a Walmart was assaulted and had his gun taken away.  A Michigan man sporting his brand new sidearm had it stolen right from its holster.  This week alone 3 children were killed by the carelessness of their gun-toting parents.

Stories about people being “saved” by guns are few and far between.  Stories about people dying from them happen 30,000 times a year.

The UK has strict gun-control laws.  Republican lawmakers have made it clear that we can’t have those safeguards because if we make a law, criminals will ignore it.

Last time I checked we make lots of laws criminals ignore, because that’s what criminals do.

This CCTV video out of the UK shows that a store clerk doesn’t necessarily need to be armed to keep himself safe, he just needs to be 10% smarter and 3% faster than the guy with the gun.

This is NOT, of course, the typical course of action one should take when confronted with a deadly weapon.  No amount of money or pride is worth a shootout.

It is, however, extremely funny and adds to the arsenal rational people can use to support gun safety legislation.

Featured Image: Screengrab from Youtube


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