WATCH: Worst. Criminal. Disguise. Ever. (VIDEO)

A man in California has won this month’s “America’s Dumbest Criminal” award after robbing a battery store with a maxi-pad on his face. Seriously, we just can’t make this stuff up.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department arrested 51-year-old Gary Victor after he robbed Battery Mart in Apple Valley on September 28. Victor’s disguise, a maxi-pad on his face, has earned him the name the “Maxi Pad Bandit.”

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Upon entering the store, Victor pulled the pad down on his forehead, loaded up on batteries and escaped in his 1992 Dodge Dynasty. When the security footage was reviewed they found this imbecile ransacking the store with a pad on his face. Police found his vehicle at his house, served a warrant and discovered items related to the robbery and took him into custody. He bonded out a short time later.

I’ve seen a lot of dumbass criminals, but this guy has me laughing my butt off. Maybe he was watching too much Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, saw the ladies’ creative maxi-pad face masks and thought he’d make his own.

Piper's is way better



Not so much…..

My guess is that he got really drunk with his friends and said,”Watch this, bro…”

Well….at least it was clean, I suppose.

Watch this fool, below:

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