WATCH: Woman Throws Temper Tantrum Of The Week Over Pepper Color Before Walking Into Door (VIDEO)

There are so many fails in the video, it’s hard to pick a favorite. It’s as if this ridiculously angry women is trying really hard to make Americans look bad. I actually feel kind of sorry for this woman (I mean, she has to live inside that head 24/7), her kids and anyone who knows her.

The angry women starts out by “educating” two employees on customer etiquette and speaking English in America, and it just goes downhill from there.

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You know what? I’m really glad you two can like talk to each other in whatever language it is that you’re speaking right now, but it’s really rude.

The women then decided to nominate herself for mother of the year by emphatically slamming a styrofoam box into the counter with each word.

My kids don’t eat green things!

She doesn’t seem to realize she probably shouldn’t be bragging about ensuring that the cycle of brats will continue. To the employees credit, they remain reasonable and ask her to calm down. Anyone who has ever worked customer service knows this scenario. You want to help make things right, but that process can’t begin with someone yelling and not letting you get a word in edgewise.

When the employees offer to remake the kebab, the meltdown continues as she states she doesn’t have time to wait.

This is America, and you get it right the first time.

The woman keep repeating some form of that statement like a broken record, right up until she walks into the door and then has trouble opening it right the first time.

Watch the epic kebab temper tantrum:


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