WATCH: What Happens When Jon Stewart Compares Fox’s Coverage Of Ferguson And Benghazi? An Epic Takedown!!!

Fans of The Daily Show are somewhat used to Jon Stewart and company skewering the Fox News Channel on a regular basis. But, this one is special.

Stewart goes after the right wing for its glaring double-standard when it comes to covering their political interests vs. when it does not. He uses Fox’s own coverage of Benghazi and compares it to their host’s recent and constant whining about “hands up – don’t shoot” – turning out to be more legend than fact.

He also points out their refusals to admit that the Benghazi report exonerated the Administration including their two favorite targets, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and of course President Obama. They do this while constantly complaining about “hands up – don’t shoot” being “a false narrative” that was peddled by everyone Fox doesn’t like. Fox, of course, demands reparations for anything to do with Ferguson while at the same time ignoring the Benghazi report, even when one of its authors is on Fox News.

Of course this, like many of Stewart’s monologues, is hilariously funny and at the same time insightful and revealing. Make sure you stick around to the end where he ties everything together and brings it all home.


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