Watch What Happens When A Gay Irishman Calls The Westboro Baptist Church For Advice (VIDEO)

Last week, a gay Irishman named Riyadh K, posted a video to his YouTube channel of Grindr messages he had received, as read by his mother. For those not familiar, Grindr is a social networking app for gay, bi-sexual, and bi-curious men. The video went viral. In fact, it drew so much attention, that one of the comments Riyadh received was from Shirley Phelps, of the Westboro Baptist Church, aka the “God hates fags” people.

The comment Phelps left was the typical, cheery greeting you might expect a gay man to receive from a member of the “God hates fags” cult:

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This is what happens when the fag enablers turn the country to the fags. These people are going to hell.

“Ideally, I’d go to heaven, I mean, that’s the plan,” Riyadh says. “But now I’m thinking, ‘what am I doing wrong?'” So, he decides to find out. He calls the Westboro Baptist Church.

Riyadh’s first call is answered by Phelps, who sounds less than happy to hear from him. She tells him that he’s going to hell, and, of course she says, “God hates fags.” Then she hangs up on him.

With his questions about getting into heaven left unanswered, Riyadh decides to call back, but this time he selects the “if you are calling about gay rights” option. This gives him the opportunity to leave a voicemail with his questions about how he can get into heaven. “If I burn all of my Lady Gaga CDs, will that get me into heaven?” is just the first of a series of hilarious questions he asks of the Westboro bigots.

And, as a sort of “thank you” for her time, when he’s done, Riyadh offers Phelps a bit of advice on her hairstyle.

Watch the video below, via YouTube:


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