WATCH: Trevor Noah Beautifully Mocks The GOP’s Anti-Refugee Stance (VIDEO)

Trevor Noah has once again proven Jon Stewart made the right decision when he named Noah as his successor. The Daily Show’s new host completely dismantled the right-wing’s anti-refugee stance on Tuesday — particularly Mike Huckabee.

The Republican presidential candidate recently said Syrian refugees would be better off outside of the United States because their religion “is not common here” and they would “create a disruption.” Noah ripped Huckabee apart:

Mike Huckabee makes a good point: can you imagine if people started coming to America from all over the world, bringing their different languages, cultures, and religions, mixing and changing the culture that’s already here until it becomes something totally new. What kind of country would this be? But you know what, Mike Huckabee? I understand you — as someone whose family has been here for generations, as a … Native American, you can say, I can see why this idea would frighten you.

Haha! And he is 100 percent correct.

Watch Trevor Noah destroy the GOP below:

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